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Facial Recognition Technology Threatens to End All Individual Privacy

Oct 16, 2019

Apple has been using facial recognition software as a security option on the iPhone X since 2017. Amazon has given its facial recognition system to police departments to try out. Microsoft claims it has resisted requests to sell its products to police and has called for government regulation. Axon, the largest maker of body camera […]

Digital Jail: Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants into Debt

Aug 8, 2019

As Missouri takes steps to reform its bail system, court advocates are concerned about a growing alternative to jailing people before trial: ordering them to wear ankle monitors. Ankle bracelets are promoted as a humane alternative to jail. But private companies charge defendants hundreds of dollars per month to wear the surveillance devices. If people […]

Federal Government To Resume Capital Punishment After 16-Year Hiatus

Jul 25, 2019

Today, the Justice Department announced that it will carry out the death penalty for the first time in nearly two decades. Attorney General William Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the execution of five inmates after adopting an updated execution protocol. After 16 years without an execution, Barr has directed the head of […]

New Missouri Law Could Free Hundreds from Mandatory Prison Terms

Jul 10, 2019

Yesterday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a new law that could make hundreds of prisoners immediately eligible for parole, probation, or early release. The new law exempts some non-violent offenses from a state law that requires people to serve at least 40, 50, or 80 percent of their prison terms, depending on the number of […]

Missouri’s New Rules for Setting Bond Take Effect

Jul 3, 2019

Missouri’s new rules on setting bond for criminal defendant’s went into effect on July 1–and some last minute tweaks by the Missouri Supreme Court might avoid some logistical problems that could have arisen. Judge’s Must First Consider Non-Monetary and Least Restrictive Conditions The most prominent aspect of the new bond regime is that, in general, […]

Springfield Criminal Defense Lawyer Adam Woody Discusses Medical Marijuana and Gun Ownership

Jun 20, 2019

As the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services continues to craft the rules and regulations regarding medicinal marijuana in Missouri, questions regarding the new Constitutional Amendment continue.  One primary concern prospective medicinal marijuana users have is whether it will impact their Second Amendment Rights.  The answer, of course, is somewhat up in the air.  […]