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Unlawful search and seizure, suppression of evidence

Feb 18, 2024

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects your privacy. It is because of this Amendment that Missouri police must obtain a warrant before searching your vehicle, home, property or person. While there are times when the court may waive that requirement, in most cases, a warrantless search is a civil rights violation. If an […]

When Can Police Legally Enter Your Home or Dwelling

Feb 13, 2015

Police entering apartments or homes, particularly of college students, is becoming an increasingly hot topic in and around the Springfield area. At this point it seems prudent to briefly discuss the current state of the law regarding when police can legally enter your home and to outline the rights of individuals faced with a decision […]

Attorneys for Craig Michael Wood Want Statements Thrown Out

Apr 21, 2014

Last week a flurry of attention was again brought on the accused killer of Hailey Owens, Craig Michael Wood. ┬áThis time, it was because his attorneys have now filed a Motion to Suppress his statements to police. ┬áMotions to Suppress are frequently filed and are essentially asking the court not to consider certain pieces of […]