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Drug Crimes

Adam Woody Springfield MO Drug Defense Attorney

Drug charges, of any kind, are very serious and can have lasting consequences if not handled correctly. In most drug cases, the charge, along with the punishment if convicted, is determined by the type of drug involved, its classification, the quantity found and whether there is intent to sell and/or distribute.

Missouri is one of the numerous states that have passed constitutional amendments allowing the use of medical marijuana with a doctor’s advisory letter and accompanying permit. With the 2020 launch of dispensaries, user enforcement has recently relaxed, but penalties for selling as little as five (5) grams of marijuana outside the state-run infrastructure remain harsh. If convicted, you face seven years in prison and a felony conviction that will follow you forever. Larger amounts can get you sent away for the rest of your life, plus a drug trafficking conviction can also trigger the denial of federal benefits and forfeiture of real estate and personal property, along with jail time and fines.

More serious drugs like cocaine or heroin can carry even more serious penalties. Worst of all they will all make you subject to repeat offender status. This can get you a class A felony sentencing range, which is 10-30 years, or even life, in the Department of Corrections.

Even in a best-case scenario like being charged with misdemeanor possession or even a simple drug paraphernalia infraction can have a lasting effect on your future. It can possibly disqualify you from certain programs and job opportunities. Many employers will not even consider hiring you. Those that do will be less likely to trust you in positions of authority making it more difficult to advance.

There is no such thing as a simple drug case. Even the smallest of convictions can have a lasting effect on your life for years to come. If you have been arrested and charged with any drug offense you need a great attorney. You need an attorney who is experienced in battling police officers and prosecutors to have your case settled with the best possible outcome.

The Law Office of Adam Woody has spent countless hours defending all types of drug crimes, and we know how to win. Adam is an experienced and seasoned lawyer who works exclusively in the field of criminal defense law.

Located in Springfield Mo, Adam specializes in the legal defense of drug, DUI, DWI, felony, and federal charges. He was named a Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Rising Star, a Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorney Under 40 in the state of Missouri by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys and a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Organization.

More importantly, Adam Woody is an attorney that believes in the sanctity of our criminal justice system.  He believes in the principle that every person deserves the very best defense possible under the law. He will use every device in his arsenal to see that your rights are protected and that you are not unjustly convicted.

If you have been charged with a drug crime don’t go it alone. Contact the Law Offices of Adam Woody and allow him to put is years of experience and vast knowledge of the inner workings of the court systems in the Springfield and surrounding counties to work for you.