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Choose a Designated Driver Before Going Out

Hockey season in full swing and baseball season is just around the corner. All of these events call for time spent with friends between bars, stadiums and homes. Before you attend a sporting event, no matter where, you should know who your designated driver is.

Your chances of getting pulled over for a DWI around Springfield increase during major sporting events. If you think you can kick back a couple of cold ones without garnering a DWI charge, think again.


Police use checkpoints

Police often place barricaded checkpoints around the area, especially during live sporting events and alcohol-heavy holidays such as Memorial Day. These allow them to stop all traffic and conduct license checks and physical examination of the driver and occupants without probable cause. The checkpoints do not typically spring up in the same spots to keep people from re-routing to avoid them. If you encounter a DWI checkpoint, prepare yourself for the following:

  • Mandatory stop
  • License and insurance check
  • K-9s conducting drug inspections on the perimeter of the car

Keep in mind the police have developed skills through their years of experience that assist in detecting the signs of intoxication. Even if you believe you can operate a vehicle without hazard, a police officer may find evidence to the contrary.


Expect a breath test

If a police officer believes you have consumed alcoholic beverages, a breath test will establish just how much remains in your system. When you got your Missouri license, you gave something called implied consent to submit to a breath or blood test at the request of law enforcement. If you do not comply with the request, you may lose your license until you go to court.

Before setting out on any venture that involves alcohol, decide who will take charge of the keys. Just a few drinks may result in serious DWI charges or worse: an accident.



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