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Even a first-time DUI can ruin your future

Jan 23, 2018

Even for a first-time offender, a DUI arrest can have lasting effects for years to come. While it does not seem fair that a choice you made when you were 20 can affect you well into your 40s and 50s, the truth is that your choices now have a direct impact on where you end […]

What to Avoid Doing at DWI Checkpoints

Jan 16, 2018

Sobriety checkpoints are a useful tool for police to use to keep drunk drivers off the road. They are helpful and aid in reducing the number of people who die each year as a result of drunk driving. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 3,300 people died in drunk driving incidents […]

Why is .08 the Legal Limit?

Jan 9, 2018

Drunk driving is a huge problem in every state. Between 2013 and 2015 in Missouri, people between the ages of 21 and 25 were most likely to die as a result of drunk driving, according to data from the Missouri Department of Transportation. You can technically drive on roadways as long as your blood alcohol […]

How one extra drink could land you in DWI hot water

Jan 2, 2018

Most people would agree that it is not safe to get behind the wheel after you have had too much to drink. Most people also agree that it is a good practice to have a designated driver if you are planning to spend a night out drinking at a bar or club. Both of these […]