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The Limitations of BAC Calculators and Charts

Jul 30, 2016

 A variety of free and readily available blood alcohol content (BAC) calculators and charts can help you approximate your BAC levels. But simplicity is not always a virtue. BAC calculators and charts have inherent limitations, and are usually accompanied by lengthy disclaimers. Some even include warnings regarding their accuracy. That’s because many factors that can affect […]

Blood Alcohol Level Effects

Jul 21, 2016

 You’ve probably seen the scene before – a police officer having a driver attempt to walk a straight line after pulling him over for reckless driving. For them to have been pulled over, Blood Alcohol Level Effects their motor skills which caused them to do something to signal the police. Police are highly trained at recognizing […]

Springfield Criminal Defense Attorney Adam Woody Discusses the New Expungement Law

Jul 21, 2016

Governor Jay Nixon recently signed into law Senate Bill 588 which vastly expands the number of criminal offenses that can be expunged under Missouri’s expungement law.  What this means is that thousands of people with criminal records will be able to get their convictions and arrests expunged.  KOLR10 did a story this week in which criminal […]

DWI and DUI Misbeliefs

Jul 14, 2016

COMMON MISBELIEFS URBAN LEGENDS ABOUT DRINKING AND DRIVING “If I have too much to drink, I can drink a lot of coffee to sober up quickly. Right?” Ha. Tell us another one! Drinking a lot of coffee after drinking too much alcohol may, however, increase your discomfort through the need to use the bathroom while […]

Alcohol measuring wristband

Jul 7, 2016

BACtrack is a San Francisco company known for making breathalyzers for both law enforcement and ordinary people. But it won the $200,000 grand prize at a National Institutes of Health-sponsored competition for a different kind of blood alcohol monitor altogether: a wristband much like Fitbit and other fitness trackers that can measure BAC from your […]